The Optimized Care Network (OCN) connects primary care and specialty care providers with their patients via state-of-the-art CareSpaces. This virtual healthcare delivery model improves healthcare accessibility and affordability, while creating exceptional healthcare experiences for both patients and providers.


    OCN partners with Accountable Care Organizations, health care systems, worksites, long-term care providers, and community healthcare agencies to provide both existing and new patients with access to a team of supporting providers and specialists.


    Perhaps most important, OCN offers patients a healthcare experience that puts them front and center, with the involvement of an RN Care Coordinator who provides connectivity to the providers they need and meaningful provider interactions that improve the way each individual healthcare encounter is delivered.  The OCN care experience is truly “high tech-high touch.”  For more information click here.

  • WHY OCN?


    When most of us think about healthcare delivery, we picture a provider and a patient in the same room. While this one-on-one encounter has long been considered the preferred way to receive care, it is not always the most convenient, affordable, or satisfying model for patients or for their providers. What’s more, for patients who live in remote areas, one-on-one care may not be readily accessible.


    That is why OCN has completely revolutionized the way healthcare is delivered. Our CareSpace leverages the latest medical and communications technologies, making it possible for healthcare providers to virtually see and treat patients across town, across the state, and even across the country.


    Through this innovative delivery model, OCN addresses the key gaps and challenges in healthcare today:

    • Access: OCN makes care available to remote and rural locations and urban hot spots.
    • Affordability: access to OCN providers reduces emergency room visits and offers a means of affordably managing chronic healthcare conditions.
    • Collaboration: OCN fosters collaboration between the various providers involved in a patient’s care, involves patients in their own care, and improves patient compliance, leading to better healthcare outcomes.
    • Quality: the CareSpace environment facilitates on-time appointments and meaningful interactions between providers and their patients.
    • Value: virtual healthcare delivery allows providers to work more efficiently and cost-effectively, increasing the value of each patient encounter.


    Optimized CareSpace™

    The revolutionary Optimized CareSpace is the heart of Optimized Care Network. This state-of-the-art examination room combines the latest video technology with state-of-the-art medical devices, making it possible for healthcare providers to see, diagnose, treat, and interact with patients—even when provider and patient are miles apart. Each aspect of the CareSpace is designed with the provider/patient relationship in mind, and constructed to create meaningful connections that ensure an exceptional healthcare experience for both provider and patient.

     PresenceCare™ Video 

    PresenceCare 3-dimensional video technology projects the provider directly into the CareSpace, enabling face-to-face, eye-to-eye, virtual interaction between patient and provider. The powerful technology is available in flexible form factors to meet client needs and environment. All PresenceCare video systems facilitate meaningful engagement and creates positive patient experiences that rival any in-person encounter. Because the CareSpace technology and delivery model allow providers to focus 100 percent on the patient 100 percent of the time, providers deliver better quality care. And patients get the personal attention they deserve.

    Connected Medical Devices

    Each CareSpace is outfitted with sophisticated medical equipment that allows providers to care for patients as if they were in the same room. Digital stethoscopes, vital sign monitors, ophthalmoscopes, EKGs, and ultrasounds supply the provider with data on the health and well-being of the patient. The information and images can be automatically saved to the patient’s Electronic Health Record for storage, review, and follow-up care.

    PresenceCare™ Station

    The PresenceCare™ Station​ is the provider end of the connection. It allows the provider to see the patient and make eye-to-eye contact from their office, and even their home. Images displayed by medical devices in the CareSpace are viewable on the PresenceCare screen and sounds from the digital stethoscope can be heard via the connection. The provider directs the nurse throughout the entire examination on what images to provide and exam techniques to use.

    Onsite Care Coordination

    An RN Care Coordinator staffs each CareSpace. They facilitate the hands-on examination and ensure a personalized, warm, and caring experience for the patient. The nurse also handles all documentation and paperwork, freeing the provider to fully engage with the patient.


    The Optimized Care Network Solutions Video

  • Experience Our Solution in Full 360°

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    Via the revolutionary CareSpace, OCN allows patients anywhere in the world to access a multidisciplinary team of best-in-class healthcare providers—without leaving their hometowns. Adhering to a patient-centered approach, OCN puts its CareSpace examination rooms in sites that are most convenient to patients, improving both the accessibility and the cost-effectiveness of healthcare.

    CareSpace sites include:

    Work Sites

    For employees, access to healthcare doesn’t get much more convenient than a CareSpace at the office. CareSpaces at worksites are an affordable option for onsite delivery of care, and employers benefit by reducing time away from work and creating a culture that emphasizes health and wellness.

    Long-Term Care

    Placing CareSpaces or mobile solutions in long-term care facilities is a means of affordably and conveniently addressing the healthcare needs of senior residents by bringing access to healthcare into their home, which may be a nursing home or their apartment in an assisted living or retirement community.


    Full-scale CareSpace exam rooms specially designed for older patients enhance healthcare in these alternative home environments, potentially reducing the need to transport patients to providers' offices or hospitals. As a situation might require, OCN brings healthcare directly to the patient's bedside via a mobile CareSpace cart. OCN provides the opportunity to "meet patients where they are" to provide responsive, accessible and affordable healthcare.

    Emergency Departments

    CareSpaces adjacent to emergency rooms improve overall healthcare affordability by reducing overuse of the ER for primary care. Patients with non-emergency conditions can see a primary care provider at the CareSpace.

    Community Care

    CareSpace environments located within community health centers, senior centers or recreation centers, social service providers and congregate meal sites, retail outlets such as groceries and drug stores, among others provide a personalized healthcare experience that is both convenient and affordable.


    A CareSpace can augment any brick and mortar investment as an access point, such as an Urgent Care or a Same Day Center.


    One example of community care would be the provision of telehealth services in an affordable housing community. Read more here.



    “Quality, Timely Care for All.”

    GlobalMed’s integrated solutions (Including: telemedicine stations, examination cameras, connected medical devices and software) allow for dynamic collaboration of healthcare professionals at remote locations by providing real time or store-and-forward of both visible and non-visible light images (viewable on any web-enabled device), high definition video and an underlying interface that allows the clinician to capture pertinent data.

    GlobalMed’s TES (Transportable Exam Station)

    Moves beyond a static installation, taking healthcare to the patient. TES is an integrated, fully-mobile telemedicine platform, housing a tablet PC, speaker, microphone and an array of cameras and medical devices in an impact-, dust-, weather-resistant rolling case.


    Brian Slusser

    Founder, CEO

    Brian Slusser is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Optimized Care Network. Brian has a distinguished career in Health Care that spans over four decades.


    Prior to founding Optimized Care Network, Brian was the Chief Strategy Officer for a break-through telemedicine start-up. Brian also co-founded Retail Pharmacy Assets (dba: ServAll/Strategic Health Alliance) that was purchased by McKesson in 2003. He provided consultative services to McKesson C-Suite related to this acquisition from 2003 to 2009.


    Brian was the E&Y Entrepreneur of the year finalist in 1999 and RPA was a "Fast Fifty" for 10 consecutive years. He is active in several associations and currently sits on the Convenient Care Association Board of Directors, an association representing the nation’s retail clinic leaders.

    Richard J. Scholz, RPh, J.D.

    Revenue Strategy, Strategic Contracting and Regulatory

    Richard Scholz graduated from The Ohio State University

    College of Pharmacy in 1977, became a licensed pharmacist in Ohio and embarked on a career in community pharmacy.


    In 1987, Rich founded Complete Pharmacy Network,

    a pharmacy benefit management company that pioneered

    the implementation of real-time computerized pharmacy management and cost controls to clients throughout the

    United States. In 1994, he negotiated and facilitated the sale

    of the company. He then launched The Denali Group Inc.,

    a multi-faceted Health care economics management

    consulting group to manage projects for stakeholders in

    the distribution, delivery and financing of pharmacy care.

    Erin McCaffrey Crespo, 


    Lead Clinician

    Erin McCaffrey Crespo is licensed as a Family Nurse Practitioner with additional certification as an HIV Specialist through the American Academy of HIV Medicine. She earned a BSN from Georgetown University, and an MSN from Georgetown University.


    Erin has experience providing healthcare to patients across the lifespan in a variety of settings including primary care practices, retail health, and women’s health and infectious disease specialty practices. Special interest in and extensive experience providing care to vulnerable populations.

    Linda Mauger

    Community Health and Aging

    Linda Mauger joined OCN following a long career in gerontology at The Ohio State University. As Director of the Office of Geriatrics and Gerontology Linda utilized technology to deliver numerous distance education programs in aging, and lead the creation of the Champion Intergenerational Enrichment and Education Center. At Ohio State and in the community, Linda has created innovative training and outreach programs to respond to today’s complex healthcare and social service needs.

    At OCN, Linda focuses on the integration of telemedicine across the long-term care network, once again leading efforts to change the paradigm of care and enhance quality of life for older adults.

    Larry Lewellen

    Employer Health

    Larry Lewellen joined OCN in a business development advisor role, focused on innovation in healthcare and population health for employer markets, building on his experience in human resources leadership, health care, and administration of health care plans.


    He brought extensive experience in the private and public sector, including 10 years as HR Director for a multi-state division of a Fortune 1000 corporation, and 14 years as CHRO of Ohio State University. His credentials include an MBA in Finance and undergraduate degree in business management/human resources with successful and extensive experience in all disciplines of human resources administration.

    Mike Durik

    Strategic Advisor – Operations

    Mike Durik is a senior “C” level executive with extensive experience and management skills in the strategic development and operation of domestic and global companies. Corporate experience includes Chief Administrative Officer with Kelly Services, Inc and EVP Administration with The Limited, Inc.


    Most recently he has several years consulting experience re-structuring and operating small and mid-size organizations. In addition to his years of business leadership, Mike has a B.B.A. in Organizational Development and an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of Toledo.

    Joe Favazzo

    Strategic Advisor – Workers Compensation

    Prior to joining OCN, Joe Favazzo founded Modern Medical, a workers’ compensation services company. Under his 27 years of leadership, the company grew from a single product line to include all healthcare services focused on the injured claimant, saw periods of double-digit organic growth and employed over 120 people in the Columbus area and across the United States. In 2013 he sold the company, which is now owned

    by Unitedhealth Group.


    Joe’s vision and leadership won Modern Medical a Corporate Caring Award from Columbus Business First in 2012 and a finalist nomination for outstanding innovation product of the year with Tech Columbus in 2013.


    Located: 15 South High Street, New Albany, OH 43054






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